The Consortium of Environmental Policies of Terres de l’Ebre (COPATE) promotes a campaign to promote products and services under the brand Terres de l’Ebre, Biosphere Reserve in order to raise awareness among the local population, but also the rest of the country, of the commitment that the accredited companies acquire with the territory, the sustainability and the social responsibility. Specifically, 10 videos of different agri-food products, tourist services, accommodation and restaurants have been published, which will be disseminated through social networks. Today, the president of COPATE, Joan Alginet; the vice-president of COPATE and head of the Biosphere Reserve, Ferran Rosich, and the director of the Institute for the Development of the Ebro Counties (IDECE), Albert Salvadó, presented the campaign. IDECE has financed the production of the videos, which last approximately 1 minute each and have been carried out by the corporate communications consultant Dídac Tomàs.
Olive oil, rice, wine, citrus and orchard, aquaculture and fishing, honey and meat products are the products of the agri-food sector that appear in the videos, which have had the collaboration of the singer-songwriters Joan Rovira and Montse Castellà, the t-shirt Aina Cid and the athlete Llorenç Sales.
“We want to make it known that the companies that work under the seal of the Biosphere Reserve are companies with quality guarantees and a social commitment, with sustainability and towards the territory”
“That’s why we want to take advantage of the opportunity and give more visibility to these companies and their products, to bring them closer to the end consumer.”

Here is the link to the promotional video for Olive Oil: