Virgin Extra Olive Oil

La Gaeta’s oil is born in our fields in Vilalba dels Arcs, Terra Alta. It is a region with a dry climate, that favours the production of a high-quality extra virgin oil which stands out by its flavour, scent, and colours.

 La Gaeta is an oil taken directly form our olive trees and produced with great care. Culture and tradition are essential to achieve an oil with unique and exclusive features.

 In La Gaeta, we have two different lines of production: Empeltre’s oil and Arbequina’s oil.

Prestige Gold  Terra Olivo Awards

Empeltre Olive Oil


Empeltre is considered to be the native variety from la Terra Alta, where it is labelled with the Protected Designation of Origin from the region.

Arbequina Olive Oil


The arbequina variety is considered to be the rustic one, resistant to frosts and adaptable to the different soil and climate conditions. Their relatively small growing space allows a higher density of plantation compared with other more vigorous crops.