Empeltre Olive Oil


Empeltre is considered to be the native variety from la Terra Alta, where it is labelled with the Protected Designation of Origin (DOP) from the region.

 In Vilalba dels Arcs, it occupies the 60-70% of production space, due to its geo climatic conditions; nourishing from the Mediterranean soil with cold dry winters.

 The Empeltre olive trees are one of the oldest varieties in Spain. They can reach a significant size, although their rooting capacity is low, which forces to practice the grafting as the main reproduction method. In fact, it is believed that its name derivates from the Catalan word empelt (graft) because this variety was grafted to some older ones.

 Its leaves are deep green and very bright; its olives are jet black. It has an early fruit maturation, which goes from the first week of November to the first week of December.


The Oil

El Aceite Empeltre la Gaeta

Empeltre olive oil has a strong green fruit profile, indicating typical nuances from quality fruits and a  regulated and clean manufacturing. 

SMELL: Secondary aroma which is easily recognisable, with green domain such as grass and olive tree leaf , as well as walnut nuances.
FLAVOUR: Spicy and bitter with a medium sweetness which balances our flavour sensations. Medium astringency, which is enhanced by the vegetable sensations that contains.

The Empeltre Olive

Aceituna Empeltre la Gaeta
The olives used for the Empeltre oil are jet black. They ripen early, from the first week of November to the first week of December.


CDO Awards from Centre de Desenvolupament de l’Oli

Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Gold Prestige Terra Olivo Awards