Olive Paste

The oliva or olive pâté is consumed in small quantities. On toast, in the salad or with a pasta dish, put a teaspoon of desserts, which is about 10g. The olive oil will provide the healthy fats from the olives and oil. We will obtain a very caloric food, rich in fat, which will have some of the carbohydrates and proteins of the olives. The oil, being a juice and does not contain the pulp of the fruit, only has fat, not has more. Since olives are a vegetable, the fat we obtain does not have cholesterol.

Olivada is a delicious spread made from olives, mainly black, that are crushed with olive oil, salt and, if desired, some spices. This Mediterranean delicacy is perfect for spreading on slices of bread or adding a touch of flavor to salad oils. Different varieties of olives can be used, such as arbequinas, empeltre, argullol, among others.

In the Mediterranean region of Occitania, olive cake takes on an even tastier variant, known as tapenade, enriched with anchovies and capers. This version is a true delight for the palate. In addition, other versions of olivada, equally simple, can be found in Italy and in general throughout the Mediterranean, where its simplicity and delicious flavor are appreciated.