Arbequina Olive


It is the small and tasty olive that has been cultivated in the regions of Priorat, la Ribera d’Ebre and la Terra Alta for more than one thousand years. As many products from the region, they stand out for their concentration and nitidity of fragrance and flavour.

 Regarding their elaboration method, the olive is collected by our farmers at the end of September or the beginning of October. Once in the olive mill, we select them according to size and colour, taking apart the ones which don’t follow our quality requirements and using only the best ones to preserve in jars. When they are classified, they are put immediately into jars and we add water, salt and the corresponding aromatic plants. This is how the elaboration process starts and it is supervised weekly.

 After some months, they are ready to be jarred. The jarring of our olives is done manually, using glass or plastic with different formats which will be sold in supermarkets or restaurants. Just to give some ideas, we can use Arbequina’s olive to go with salads, appetizers (tomato spread on bread, typical from Catalonia, with cold meat) and also with any kind of food as a side dish.

Ingredients: Arbequina olive, water, salt and aromatic plants.

The Olive

El Aceite Empeltre la Gaeta

Arbequina is characterized by its high resistance to the cold. It has a small cup and low resistance to calcarean soils. The size of its fruit is the smallest of all Spanish varieties, between one or two grams.