VallespíVidal – La Gaeta

The company Vallespí Vidal was created with the purpose of producing table olives and high quality virgin olive oil, using its own olives in the processing, preparation, packaging, and marketing of its products.

The company is located in the municipality of Vilalba dels Arcs (Tarragona) where you find the La Gaeta farm which lends its name to our products.

All the varieties of table olives that we produce: Arbequina, Sevillana, Empeltre, and Empeltre muerta are made by hand without any chemical products or additives. Only aromatic herbs are used.

 The oils of the Arbequina and Empeltre varieties with the Protected Designation of Origin Terra Alta are carefully produced from healthy olives, with cold extraction at 27 degrees.

 For this effort we have been awarded with different prizes for best Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The majority of those awards, of which we are very proud, were given by the CDO Awards (Center de Desenvolupament de l’Oli) in the years 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2014.