Extra Virgin Olive Oils 

Aceite Oliva Virgen Extra la Gaeta

La Gaeta is an oil taken directly form our olive trees and produced with great care. Culture and tradition are essential to achieve an oil with unique and exclusive features.


Aceitunas la Gaeta

The olive is the fruit of the olive trees that we cultivate in our fields. It’s the raw material from which we obtain all our products: oil, olive paste, and table olives.

Olive Paste

Paté de Aceituna la Gaeta

Olive paste, or tapenade, is a very old invention. Olive paste has a long history, but the more modern version (along with some other variants) is said to have been created by the chef of the Maison Dorée in Marseille.

What are the benefits of our products ?

Benefits without preservatives

Extra virgin olive oil is very health beneficial and is recommended for all ages.

Traditional Elaboration

To make extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality, all production processes require maximum attention, from flowering through the fruit’s growth and ripening to the most important process, the harvesting.

Quality Seals

Due to our manufacturing process, the oils made from the Empeltre and Arbequina varieties are classified as Terra Alta Protected Denomination of Origin. The oils are produced with great attention, using quality fruits and following a clean, well-regulated manufacturing process that gives us a variety of nuances and extraordinary connotations.

The Blog

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