Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Extra Virgin Olive Oil La Gaeta

La Gaeta is an oil extracted directly from our olive trees and produced with great care. Culture and tradition are the essential elements to obtain an oil…


la Gaeta Olives

The olive is the fruit of the olive tree that we grow in our fields. It is the raw material from which we obtain all our products: oil, olive paste and table olives.

Olive Pate

Gaeta Olive Pate

Olive pate or tapenade is very old. Olive pastes have been made throughout history, but the one currently made (with a few variations) is said to have been created by the chef of the Maison Dorée in Marseille.

What benefits do our products provide?

Without preservatives

Gaeta Olive Pate

Extra virgin olive oil is very beneficial for health and is recommended for all ages. It has cardiovascular and digestive benefits, is rich in vitamins and promotes…

Traditional Preparation

Gaeta Olive Pate

To produce the highest quality extra virgin olive oil, la Gaeta takes great care of all production processes, from flowering, to the growth and ripening of the fruit, to harvesting and extraction…

Quality Seals

Gaeta Olive Pate

The oil from La Gaeta has the Protected DO Terra Alta and is produced under the most careful production measures, using quality fruits and a well-regulated production process to achieve a variety…


Tasta Vilalba 2024 starts

Tasta Vilalba 2024 starts

TASTA VILALBA 2024 starts, arriving on the weekend of June 7 and 8, with the first sample of local product. The objective is to promote and value the producers of our town and the products they make. This event combines culture, gastronomy, music and art. During these...