They contain high quantities of essential oils Omega-3 and Omega-6 which are beneficial and necessary for our bodies. They contribute to bring a better health state in different levels which we are going to explain below. Moreover, they provide some nutrients that need to be taken into account.

 Olives are a natural source of vitamins A and C which are necessary to keep our tissues in good conditions and to reinforce our body’s defences in front of external aggressions. They also have thiamine, which is essential for the metabolism of carbohydrates and for the correct performance of our nervous system.  The mineral supplies, especially iron and sodium, are very appropriate to keep better body levels, and they are very easily assimilated by our organism. They also add fibre that helps to depurate our bodies.



Aceituna Empeltre La Gaeta

This variety is collected when it is fully ripped from middle November to the end of December. Big size olives go to jars and small size olives are usually devoted to oil production.



Aceituna Arbequina La Gaeta

It is the small and tasty olive that has been cultivated in the regions of Priorat, la Ribera d’Ebre and la Terra Alta for more than one thousand years. As many products from the region, they stand out for their concentration and nitidity of fragrance and flavour.



Aceituna Muerta La Gaeta

This olive has a different production process, although we follow the same harvesting process as the Empeltre.



Aceituna Sevillana La Gaeta

They belong to the Casp variety with their distinctive and smooth bitter taste. They are harvested in September when they are still unripe. Then they are split into two pieces (here is where they get their name “partida”) and they are macerated with aromatic plants during a short period of time and then they are jarred when they are still green, hence its bitter taste.