Empeltre Olive


This variety has always coexisted with the farmers of Catalonia and Bajo Aragón. Unlike most olives the Empeltre is harvested when it’s already ripe, from mid-November till the end of December, with the large fruits destined for conservation, and the smaller ones usually used for oil.

 We receive the olives in our warehouse and put them in tanks where we then begin the production process that lasts a few months, until the product is ready to be consumed.

 Olives can be consumed in many different ways, most commonly with salad, for lunch, with pasta, as an ingredient in pizza, with cheese canapés, or as “l’esqueixada de bacallà”, a special local traditional dish consisting of shredded cod with small pieces of tomato, onion and pepper, and black olives. 

 Ingredients: Empeltre olive, water, salt and aromatic herbs.

The Empeltre Olive

El Aceite Empeltre la Gaeta

This variety is of medium vigor; rustic, but sensitive to extreme winter temperatures. Grafting is mandatory as the cuttings don’t root easily, hence the Aragonese name Empeltre. A lot of time is needed from the moment of planting till the fruit goes into production. The productivity is constant and high without suffering alternate bearing. Mechanical harvesting is easy due to the olive’s elongated shape and medium weight which makes it easy to detach from the tree with vibrating machines, although traditionally the olive was harvested manually.