Traditional Elaboration

How do we make olive oil?

To make extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality, all production processes require maximum attention, from flowering through the fruit’s growth and ripening to the most important process, the harvesting. Full attention is necessary to avoid damage and fermentation of the olives. Final step is the extraction of the oil.

Once the olive has reached its optimal maturation point it’s collected and sent to our mill where the oil will be extracted in less than 24 hours. This way we avoid fermentation. The paste is cold whipped at a temperature of approximately 27° to achieve the agglutination of the oil’s fatty molecules.

The paste is now off to the decanter, where the oil is separated from the solid part (pomace) and the water. This oil is left for a few days in stainless steel tanks to keep a constant temperature and to protect it from air and light, until it’s time for packaging.