Nutritional Information

The extra virgin olive oil is considered a “superfood”, meaning it has high nutritional value due to  its high concentration of antioxidants, vitamins or healthy fats.

Olive oil, both virgin and extra virgin, is rich in vitamins A, D, E and K, and is a key element in the Mediterranean Diet.

When we speak of extra virgin olive oil we refer to the moment when the oil is pure, as an authentic olive juice free of artificial refining treatments, preservatives or any type of additives.

Benefits without preservatives

Beneficios sin conservantes en la Gaeta

Extra virgin olive oil is very health beneficial and is recommended for all ages. Some advantages of consuming olive oil are:

Our own olives fields

Campos de Olivos Propios la Gaeta

With respect for the environment and a dedication to modernizing our crops in order to adapt them to market demands, our extra virgin olive oil is the product of newly harvested olives from both young and centenary trees.

Traditional Elaboration

Elaboración tradicional la Gaeta

To make extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality, all production processes require maximum attention, from flowering through the fruit’s growth and ripening to the most important process, the harvesting.

A Natural Product

Producto Natural la Gaeta

Extra olive oil is a natural juice that has kept all its properties intact, both for the palate and for your health.

The Olive Oil

El aceite de oliva la Gaeta

Olive oil is a vegetable oil mainly for culinary use that is extracted from the fruit of the olive tree (olea europaea).  Almost one third of the pulp of an olive is oil and, for this reason, since ancient times it has been easily extracted with a simple pressure exerted by a mill.

Quality Seals

Sellos de Calidad la Gaeta

Due to our manufacturing process, the oils made from the Empeltre and Arbequina varieties are classified as Terra Alta Protected Denomination of Origin. The oils are produced with great attention, using quality fruits and following a clean, well-regulated manufacturing process that gives us a variety of nuances and extraordinary connotations.